The story behind BLCKRNBW


BLCKRNBW (Black Rainbow) is a young Dutch company operating in the entertainment industry.
Founded by Noah Smits and Jean Baptiste Zablone in 2015, who both had experience as artists signed at EMI Music, the company started releasing UK oriented House music.
Artists came from as far as Sao Paulo, Brazil as Perth Australia.
The company received great support from the biggest names in the international DJ scene and radio stations around the globe by the end of that very same year instigating better promotion opportunities and more demo’s from aspiring artists in the inbox.

In 2016 the company started to host its own parties in the Netherlands with ‘in-house’ DJ’s, entered the Beatport Top 100 for the first time and opened its Apparel department by selling high quality and affordable Streetwear online.
This all didn’t go unnoticed. So called ‘Insta-celebs’ started to promote the brand by wearing BLCKRNBW gear, more big DJ’s openly supporting our music in radioshows and the company started to outgrow its small cute little office.

A bigger office in 2017 meant more room for co-workers and we’re very happy to say we’re surrounding us with the most talented people we can think of who are setting up new departments.
One of them already is in use. Our very own DJ/Producer school called ‘’ (Dutch for: I wanna learn to
For now BLCKRNBW will further professionalize and stabilise the organisation with team members and new business partners. All with a view to gradually growing in size.

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